First of all homework
The long-awaited moment has arrived and your next production is about to start, all you have left is to look for a suitable location that fits your vision. Did you prepare your homework? Don't worry there won't be a quiz. In order for us to provide you the best and most professional service and adjust to your production the exact location which will fulfill your dreams it is important to contact us after you have thought and asked yourself some basic questions:
What is the definition of the location
First try to put your finger on the location type, is this a luxury villa? Maybe a souvenir shop or a modern high-tech office? Maybe it's a crowded street?
What is the style of the location
How do you imagine the location? For example, when it comes to the office, should it be small, white and modern or large, brown-tinted with antique furniture and large carpets?
What is important for you to have at the location
You need to have a clear picture of what you must have at the location, think of any specific and exact requirement that the location must fulfill and this will help us to provide you the most suitable location and prevent problems during the production day.
We found it!
After we'll receive from you all the details and together we'll define the location requirements, our team comes into the picture and will map out for you a number of locations that fit your unique settings and needs. We will make sure to give you exactly what matches your requirements from our huge location list, most of which exclusive to us. We'll send you a folder with all the information, photos and accurate description of the location properties to the last detail. This will allow you a professional and informed choice of the location that meets your dreams.
Navigate with Waze
You already choose a location from the variety we have organized for you? Excellent! We haven't finished yet, at this point we'll coordinate a production tour together. During the tour you will have the opportunity to examine with our team, every aspect of the location and make sure there is everything needed to meet the planned production requirements. After the tour we'll take care of all the remaining technical details and set up the dates.
Quiet and.. ACTION !
On the production day we arrive at the location a little before the rooster considers to get up, to accompany you throughout the shooting day. We will provide you service during all the production time, start from the moment we receive the location untill the moment we return it back, at the same condition as we recived it, clean and tidy.
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