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Would you like to earn extra income by renting out your home, shop, property and etc.? It's easier than you think.
How It Works?
Do you have a cool, stylish or an interesting property? It can be any property, a private home with an avant-garde design, an old-fashioned apartment, an empty or furnished office, a charmimg horse farm, an interesting garage, a characteristic bar, an intimate cafe, or even a cool graffiti-decorated hangar, basically the location can be any interesting place that you own!

The production world is a dynamic world and full of possibilitys. The productions always take place and there are lots of interesting projects running all the time, it range from small productions to huge international projects. Each production has its own unique character and style and we make sure to adjust the exact location for it.
Trends constantly change and so are the concepts of the productions. There is always a need for new and different spaces such as: a cool and colorful living room, a student apartment with urban city view, Provençal open kitchen, a luxury apartment with architectural design or any other space that can match out standards.
While everyone is looking for the next amazing thing, the number of original TV productions, cinema and digital media projects in Israel are growing rapidly, and with it the demand for more and more unique locations and spaces with original touch. Even after years of work, we are always happy to discover new and wonderful locations and to renew our reservoir.

Productions book locations for a full day (up to 12 hours) or a half day (up to 6 hours). We are committed to return you property exactly at the same condition as we received it and we will make sure that your interests and requirments are respected.

Important for us to emphasize that not every 2-room apartment can be a suiteble location. We are looking for places that have the "magic touch" – it can be reflected in outstanding furniture, breathtaking interior design, spectacular view or simply a unique story around the place.
Why is it worth for you to have your location in our Hamaagar?
Safety first Our team is professional and dedicated for our doing, we will take care and return your property at the same condition as we received it. Your property will be fully covered with comprehensive insurance on the same day of the production and you'll get service and support from the leading team in Israel.
We work with the biggest producers such: as local and foreign producers from cinema, television and advertising world, event and conference producers, fashion designers and the list goes on.
We believe in the way everyone comes out with benefits - The location owners, the producers and Hamaagar. We know that when all participants are satisfied with service and organisation, so it's a great recipe for further work together in the future.
What types of locations we are looking for?
Our service help customers in various different platforms
Designers from the fashion industry who are interested in photoshoots for their collection or in advertisement for their brand.
Event producers, who want to conduct social events or professional conferences.
TV content producers, filmmakers and advertising world industy who are looking for the exact location to suit their script.
The locations we are looking for, are:
Special apartments, lofts, villas and cottages
Public places and institutions, such as primary schools to football stadiums
Private locations such as offices and restaurants
Vessels and aircraft that can be photographed.
Any special place that you think can be visually matched and it has something unique to offer.
So ... if you have such a location, we would love to meet you and your place. Perhaps this will be the beginning of a wonderful business friendship ..
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