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Who we are
As in life itself, when we are looking to build purchase or rent our future home, we must consult with professionals, seek and use various tools to find the home of our dreams. Finding a location for photography or production relies on the same principle of finding our home and fulfilling our vision, and this is where members of the "Hamaagar Locations" come into the picture, we are the most important tool in finding the perfect location. Trust us!

"Hamaagar Locations" is a company that proudly holds a respectable piece in the market of locating locations with more than 15 years in the field. The company was established by Golan Hai Betov who's now the head of the operation.

In "Hamaagar Locations" we specialize in finding locations for all types of productions, from small and intimate photography sets, through social media projects to major productions like commercials, series and movies.

We have a massive stock of all types of properties, for all types of productions and most of them exclusive for us. This may be an old granny apartment, a modern and clean design or a luxury villa. We have all types of everything! We also have a list of public and urban spaces, to which we can obtain special and sometimes unusual permits for photoshoots.

Hamaagar team is specialized in searching and finding the perfect location, but not only. We cultivate a team of veteran executive location managers, pros in the field. Proper management of a location can determine the success of a day of shooting and quality produce. The location manager answer our customer's disposal in a professional and comprehensive way, which starts by choosing the location, flows through the shooting day and ends with our return of the location to the owners at the end of the production.

Among our clients you can find Ad agencies, directors, producers, fashion companies and people who dreamed of the location they didn’t know existed.

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