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About Us

With more than 10 years of experience, Hamaagar is the leading company for location scouting, fixer services, and production needs. Whether you want to film at ancient ruins and historical sites or have a modern urban landscape for your backdrop, we can find your dream location. Our company has the largest collection of curated locations to choose from but can also scout a totally unique place that meets your production requirements. If you can imagine it, we can make happen in Israel.

We specialize in locations for film and TV, fashion events, corporate events, conferences and seminars, wedding and bar/bat mitzvah venues, or any other type of private or professional event you want to host.

Our Services

Hamaagar offers end-to-end production services so you can focus on your project without any hassles. These include:

  • Location scouting within our portfolio of locations and externally to find exactly the right place
  • Booking and scheduling locations
  • Fixer services including logistical support, facility permits and insurance, translations, customs assistance, transportation and accommodations, equipment and prop rentals, and more
  • Sourcing local talent and crews
  • On-site management and support
How do I find the perfect location?

This is the question that causes leading Israeli television, film and advertising producers as well as event planners to contact us, again and again, when searching for locations.

All we do from morning till evening is to find the right location that suits your professional and personal needs or dreams.

This is our unique specialty for more than a decade, and this is what has made us the leading Israeli company in when it comes to locating and coordinating locations.

We live and breathe in this field. We know the important nuances of every production, how to add a twist to a commercial.

We manage the largest and most diverse portfolio of locations in Israel. Our location database is constantly updated, and we work hard to locate and map new, unique locations that have the potential to serve our clientele.

Location, Location, Location

Over the years we have developed a strict and uncompromising work ethic. Each location we offer is approved by us only after passing a comprehensive series of tests and meeting the most stringent professional and safety standards.

The People Behind the Places

We believe that to find special places, there must be special people searching. The staff, led by founder Golan Hai Betov, is comprised of dedicated, professional, and talented employees. Equally important is that everyone on the team is happy, loves the work they do and does everything possible to make customers as happy as they are.

What locations can we find? In one word: anything!

Locations for Everything

We'll find just the right location for your fashion events, film and television productions, conferences and seminars, corporate events, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bachelorette parties, or for any other professional or private purpose. We love a challenge so tell us what you're looking for, and we'll take it on to find your perfect location!

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